Jeremy Veldman And Kenneth Ameduri Discuss Buying Investment Property in Memphis

Jeremy Veldman of discusses buying investment property with VIP client Kenneth Ameduri.  Ken bought a property SIGHT UNSEEN with Memphis Turnkey Properties last year.  The property has performed great and is currently returning over 25% cash-on-cash.

Kenneth is a great example of a client who TAKES ACTION!  He did his research on us on the front end and determined that we were a good company to work with.  He was in the process of getting married at the time of his property purchase so he left the details to us.  10 months later- his property acquisition has paid off!  The tenant is paying every month on time and the property is cash flowing great!

We applaud Benolyn Craig for her efforts in continuing to run the property management division of Memphis Turnkey at a high level.  As a result, our clients are happy and their properties are performing great!  Kenneth and his beautiful wife Amelia can rest assured that they’ve taken a significant step forward in securing their financial future by TAKING ACTION NOW to buy property and build wealth in Real Estate!

Visit us at to learn how YOU can build wealth by investing in quality investment properties through our proven turnkey system.

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