Jeremy and Alex discuss floors in this episode of Memphis Turnkey TV

In this episode of Memphis Turnkey TV, Alex and Jeremy discuss some of the things they do to the floors of the homes they rehab. In most of our houses, we’re putting in vinyl plank flooring in the main living areas and high-trafficked areas such as the den, living room, and dining area. This costs a little bit more on the front end than carpet, but is more durable over the life of the investment. In houses we buy that contain hardwood floors that are salvageable, we’ll bring the hard woods back by sanding down and adding 2-3 coats of polyurethane as needed. We’ll put carpet in the bedrooms, because they are not has highly trafficked as the other areas of the house and people tend to place their bedroom furniture in most of the room. Also, tenants and homeowners alike would prefer to wake up to the soft, warm, inviting feel of carpet in the bedrooms, instead of cold vinyl flooring. In kitchens and bathrooms we’re placing nice tile floors. The upgrades we do to the flooring during the initial renovation does cost a little bit more, but saves the investor money in the long run during their tenure of owning the property. Don’t go cheap when renovating properties- even rental properties- or you’ll pay for it down the road!

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