Jeremy and Alex discuss Floorplanning in this Episode of Memphis Turnkey TV

In this episode of Memphis Turnkey TV Jeremy and Alex discuss floorplan and flow in houses. As real estate investors- whether you’re looking to flip houses retail or buy and hold as investment properties- you should always consider the flow of the house. People like spacious wide open living areas where the den/great room flows effortlessly into the kitchen and breakfast room areas. Gone are the days of the 70’s and 80’s style layouts where rooms were smaller and separated by walls. If you’re looking to flip a house retail, look for ways that you can easily re-distribute the space within the house to modernize the floorplan to the preferences of today’s buyers. Also, for our business we’ve found that tenants prefer separate living rooms and dining rooms and larger master bedrooms. This episode was shot inside of a house Alex and Jeremy just completed that had a separate living room with fireplace, separate LARGE den with fireplace, and kitchen that backed up to the den area. The floor plan of this house makes it attractive to prospective tenants and homeowners alike. When evaluating a property to purchase, always exit before you enter- evaluate the distribution of space within the home and how easily the kitchen, bedrooms, and living areas can be enlarged or opened up to conform to contemporary styles.

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